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Painting with 6 Month Old

I have seen this idea before and had previously tried it. At the time though he was too young to really get into it and had to work out a few issues. Still after this I still have some problem-solving I need to do, but none the less it was tons of fun for the 2 of us.

With this activity you need a selection of paints, I used acrylic from the dollar store, a canvas and ziplock bag. I really was looking for a board style of canvas but the dollar store only had the frame style so that's what we went with.

For starters I went through my selection of paints with my baby, I would hold 2 up at a time and which ever one he gravitated towards that was one of the colours we chose. First painting we picked 4 colours the second I added an additional colour.

Once the colours were chosen I squirted the colours onto the canvas in a random pattern. First one I did drops of paint everywhere the second I did circles with the paint. Pick a pattern that feels fun.

After the boards got their desired colours, I carefully stuck them into a ziplock freezer bag and handed it to my little one to add his personal touch.

It's definitely fun because they get to play on their senses with hitting something squishy. Also the bright colours is aesthetically pleasing.

After little one was done beating the colours around the board I took the paintings out of the bag to dry. When I did though the excess paint kind of blended wierd and smeared so I took a paper towel and dabbed the extra paint off which worked pretty decent for the canvas I had because whatever got the canvas first stayed which made a very appealing art piece. Just be careful I don't know all mediums of canvas will allow you to dab the excess off like I did.

Now I have a couple works of art to hang up and we really enjoyed the little activity together. It wasn't super long where they might lose interest and didn't require a big cleanup. Well recommend anyone with little ones try it out even if you feel like making some fun paintings by yourself it's great.

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