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Easter Egg Painting with Baby

Well Happy Easter to everyone, hope your Easter was as great as mine. It was baby's first Easter so I wanted to make it a fun one for him. We did a couple things together, like egg painting and sale dough foot/hand prints, since he was too young for eating and finding chocolate, these activities seemed to be the best option and made a keep sake to remember. This blog on I will walk through the egg painting.

The day before I boiled a lot of eggs so that way they were cooled and easy to just grab and stay the task of painting eggs. I saw a Pinterest where they used shaving cream and food coloring to make cool designs on eggs, but I thought whip cream was a better option for my little guy seeing he always puts things in his mouth. The food coloring stained his and my hands only for a bit so that wasn't as bad as I thought and luckily it didn't stain the his chair tray because we made quite the mess. For the activity all you need is a tray, whip cream, food coloring, tooth pick and the main event.. the eggs!

Fill the bottom of the tray with whip cream and like any normal person a few sprays for yourself.. Haha..

Add drops of food coloring throughout. Choose any colours you and child enjoy. I picked neon colors green, blue, pink and purple. Then with a tooth pick I mixed the colours slightly to give a tie dye effect.

Once you finish the pattern you desire that's when you hand over the tray and eggs to little one to have some fun. Beware though it will get messy but that is half the fun! One point my husband suggested to just get him to hold the egg his hands were so coloured, so why not see the outcome wasn't too bad. We did end up losing the egg off the high chair, but that's why I kept a blanket under.

Definitely a must try if you have little ones! And they turned out looking pretty awesome!

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